For several years, now, I have been preparing Service Booklets for most of the services of the Orthodox Church.  Here are a number of them:

 Divine Liturgy  Sunday & Festal Matins
 Hierarchical Liturgy  Daily Matins
 Presanctified Liturgy  Great Compline
 Baptism  Molieben
 Great Canon  Daily Midnight Service
 Hours  Sunday Midnight Service

 Great Vespers  Vespers, Palm Sunday
 Daily Vespers  Vespers, Mid Pentecost
 Daily Vespers in Lent  Vespers, Pentecost
 Paschal Vespers  Vespers, Eve of Pentecost
 Hierarchical Great Vespers  Vespers, Sts. Peter and Paul
 Small Vespers  Vespers, Presentation of our Lord
 Lenten Sunday Vespers  Vespers, Procession of the Cross
 Vespers, Sunday of Orthodoxy  Vespers, Protection of the Theotokos
 Vespers, Ascension  Vespers, St. Nicholas
 Vespers, Circumcision  Vespers, St. Herman
 Vespers, Dormition  Vespers, St. Innocent
 Vespers, Entrance of the Theotokos  Vespers, St. Tikhon
 Vespers, Exaltation of the Cross  Vespers, Sunday of the Cross
 Vespers, Forgiveness  Vespers, Transfiguration
 Vespers, Nativity of the Theotokos  

 Matins, Holy Monday  Unction in Holy Week
 Matins, Holy Tuesday  Vesperal Liturgy, Holy Thursday
 Matins, Holy Wednesday  Royal Hours, Holy Friday
 Matins, Holy Thursday  Vespers, Holy Friday
 Matins, Holy Friday  Vesperal Liturgy, Holy Saturday
 Matins, Holy Saturday  Pascha

 Matins of Bright Week  Vespers of Pascha
 Vespers of Bright Week  



I have many more available in Microsoft Word format.  They can be printed into nice booklets using ClickBook from Blue Squirrel.  If you are interested in more Service Booklets, let me know!

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